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A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS is a series of zines inspired by Southeast Asia, for use with fantasy adventure tabletop RPGs.


(PDFs only)

A Thousand Thousand Islands — in a single bundle.

(PDFs only)
A Thousand Thousand Islands — all settings in a bundle.


A river kingdom of haunted ruins, ruled by crocodiles.

A valley where cats are holy, and timber haunted.

A forest of wandering nomads and god-guarded borders.

A highland kingdom ruled by parasitic royalty.

An island full of sorcerers and shipwrecked souls.

A maritime nation of teak knights and living ships.

A market town built on the back of living puppets.

An archipelago of silent lizards and lurid textiles.


Essays and fiction about hantu, the monsters of Malaysian lore.

Pirates, princesses, processions. An art zine, inspired by the SEA.

Sea battles, spirit masks, centaurs. An art zine, inspired by the SEA.

A bestiary of 75 imaginary animals and plants, native to the SEA.


Weaving is a reminder of the past to secure the future.

A forest, as told by eaters.


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