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Reach Of The Roach God

A tabletop roleplaying game campaign set in the deep places of the earth. Inspired by the vast caves of Southeast Asia. Part of A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS.

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What's Inside

Three starter adventures, leading you on trails into the dark. Memorable NPCs, motivated factions, keyed maps.

Three separate cave-dwelling cultures. Guides to cosmologies and etiquette, trade-good lists, mysteries and adventure hooks.

Tools to create an underground world. A complete cave-ecosystem bestiary. A string-based river generator. An action-figure-based random cavern generator.

A frame for a full campaign. Various threads push you into conflict with an insect god. How will you shape the world below — and above?

Odoyoq was born in the morning of the world, but did not know it. He was born in the deep womb of the world.

Odoyoq was smallest of his sisters and brothers. When they fought, he hid. When they fell, he ate their meats.

Odoyoq burgeons in the shells of his siblings. His children grow many. He grows hungry. He stretches his limbs.

What Else?

Detailed black-and-white line art, informed by Southeast Asian material culture. Show these to players, draw them into your world.

Detailed, jargon-free text. Evocative, system-neutral, with guidelines for easy adaptation to your preferred TTRPG ruleset.

Cockroaches. So many cockroaches.

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