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A highland kingdom ruled by parasitic royalty.


Silk strips on a teak gateway. Drifting gauzily with the wind. Inwards, at first. Then out. In again. And out. The breeze keeps shifting. Breathing.


In every fold of Dog Mountain there is a village, green with terraced rice. The farmers smile at you. They always harvest bumper crops.

They all look a little thin, though. A little wan. And there are no animals, anywhere — no cattle, not one chicken. No dogs.

The farmers bow low at a passing palanquin. It is a prince of the royal family. He wears a high hat. He smiles at you, also. A predatory grin from a mouth of sharp fangs.


Andjang is an adventure setting inspired by parasite bugs, life under Southeast Asian autocracies, and the vacant bungalows of Cameron Highlands. A rules-less, 44-page dungeon-crawl with detailed black-and-white art. Random NPC, hook and magic-weapon generators. A keyed map pullout.

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