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Stray Virassa


An island full of sorcerers and shipwrecked souls.


The ship’s navigator collapses. Her seizing limbs beat staccato on the deck. The captain points at her and says: “That’s how you know we’re near.”


In Stray Virassa, locals are outnumbered ten-to-one by immigrants: sailors from distant Mu — drowned, dead. Spectral.

This is the Fourteenth Hell of Mu-folk tradition, the one reserved for those lost at sea. But life goes on. Phantom pirates leave on raids. Deposed emperors wage gang wars. Peddlers hawk shipwrecked porcelain.

The ghosts pine for their homeland. Few remember it. None can agree on the specifics.


Stray Virassa is an adventure setting inspired by diaspora angst, wuxia tropes, and ancient Nanyang Chinese communities. A rules-less, 40-page gazetteer filled with characters, motivations, and uneasy relationships. Random NPC generators. A die-drop generator for lost and contradictory homelands.

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