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A valley where cats are holy, and timber haunted.


Wooden posts line the road. Carved with feline forms: snarling tigers, sulking tabbies. You feel them staring.


In Kraching, woodworking is revered. The surrounding forests are full of haunted timber, longing to be carved into masks and figurines; they want to see the world.

In Kraching, cats are revered. Scions of the god Auw, they are welcomed as equal members of any household; they hunt game and lend magic.

Sometimes a carved wooden tiger vanishes, and returns as a tom. Sometimes a woman walks into the forest, and a tabby walks out again.


Kraching is an adventure setting inspired by forest-adjacent life, Mah Meri woodworking, and the place of cats in contemporary Malaysian culture. A rules-less, 44-page gazetteer filled with characters, rural drama, and detailed black-and-white art. A sample of the mythic cycle of a regional god. Random encounter and magic-cat generators.



…happening here is memory and time and a rebuking of exact borders.
This zine starts with a description of the statue of the god Auw. It’s described as the god … Auw in their stories changes personality, gender, human /cat.
Things are always always another thing too. A town is the first 2 people you meet. A god is the stories told about them and the statue you just past.
You are reading about everything when you are reading about one thing.
– Scrap Princess, Monster Manual Sewn From Pants

“The little details that are just thrown in here, it doesn’t explain them, but it implies so much about the setting, that you start filling it in, in your head.”
– Ben Milton, Questing Beast

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