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Hundred Red Scales


An archipelago of silent lizards and lurid textiles.


Laundry lines stretch out past the mangrove trees. They flap like sails over the water: skeins of yarn, sheets of cloth, dyed this morning.


In these islands, spoken language marks you as a foreigner. The monitor-folk do not speak, and did not make words.

Merchants who travel here negotiate with sign and gesture. They come to buy textiles of exquisite craft. Nowhere else are the arts of weaving and dyeing more finely practiced.

With these arts the monitor-folk honour Hundred Red Scale, goddess of beauty — who was murdered long ago; whose body forms the archipelago; whose blood now stains every scarf and shroud the monitor-folk now make.


Hundred Red Scales is an adventure setting inspired by Southeast Asian fabrics, Hindu-Buddhist monastic schools, and the mangrove islands of Langkawi. A rules-less, 44-page gazetteer filled with characters, mud-flat fauna, and textile motifs. Random village generators. Random tables to generate living cloth infused with divine life-force.

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