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A market town built on the back of living puppets.


Crashing through the brush, a man carries thrice his weight in stacked cargo — “Excuse!” he snorts, waving you aside — he overtakes you.


There is no way to cross the mountains, except through Ngelalangka. On market days every species of trader may be found, here.

What do you need? Magic wines that bestow enlightenment? Hats that shield you from more than the sun? A slave of an ancient and royal lineage, to parade in front of your friends?

Be welcome to Ngelalangka. Bribe the warden, watch your coin-bag, and don’t forget to tip your porter!


Ngelalangka is an adventure setting inspired by Southeast Asian bazaars, Kuda Lumping puppets, and the ways in which rapid development twists local communities. A rules-less, 44-page gazetteer filled with characters, goods, and conflicts set in a busy marketplace. Random generators for merchants and animate animal-shaped puppets. A keyed map pullout.

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