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Travel Sketches

Reiseskizzen google-translates to Travel Sketches. Singapore, Malacca, Java: Reiseskizzen was published in 1866 and written by Andreas Fedor Jagor, a German ethnologist, naturalist and explorer.  

The whole book can be found here on the National Library of Singapore and you can download the PDF too. It’s in German though. 

The artist does not seem to be credited in the book, nor does Andreas Fedor seem to be an artist. I really like the illustrations in the book though, it is much looser and with an illustrative flair compared to many other illustrations of Southeast Asia. 

A Chinese junk pulling a smaller boat with stilt Kampung houses and coconut trees in the background. So gorgeous!

My favourite illustration int he book, a scene of people eating at a shop.

My second favouritest illustration in the book. The composition looks like it’s concept art, also reminded of villages depicted in Asterix and Obelix.

Depictions of bridges in Southeast Asia are also the best. 

Download all the images here (24 images)


Text by Mun Kao. This post was originally published November 26, 2020 on the A Thousand Thousand Islands Patreon.

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