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Less than 50 Burmese Drawings (1887)

These are a set of 50 illustrations done in Company Style from Burma. They are from an incomplete book likely commissioned by a European.
There are different parts to it, a large part is devoted to elephants, how to train and control them, accompanying it are many illustrations of elephants.
Included are also images of royal horses, ogres, and the peoples of the region.

They can be see here at the Victoria & Albert collections, though unfortunately many images seem to be currently unavailable.
I’ve got only 40ish images which can downloaded here 40ish images.

‘Ulambé a snake player’
‘Cukean people who live up the country, whose dress is planks – Kachin (wearing boards)’.
‘Siamese [Thai] Man and Woman’
‘Savage people – cannibals supposed to inhabit Andamans – Bilu (ogre)’

This post was originally published on September 14th 2020 on the A Thousand Thousand Islands Patreon.

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