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Carl Bock: The Head Hunters of Borneo

Carl Alfred Bock (17 September 1849 – 10 August 1932) was a Norwegian government official, author, naturalist and explorer who spent sometime in the 1880s in Southeast Asia. Journeying in Borneo and Sumatra in 1878-79 and the interiors of Siam and Laos 1881.

He published two books from those journeys and they’ve got wonderful illustrations that has a more looser style that seems fantastic at capturing idle life. Look at the wonderful illustration of the three men taking a nap!

From The Head Hunters of Borneo; A Narrative of Travel up the Mahakkam and Down the Barito; Also, Journeyings in Sumatra.

Download just the images of The Head Hunters of Borneo >> Here

This is a Sandung, where bones of ancestors would be dug up through rites and eventually placed in. 

Note: The images frequently feature blue attire and if I am not wrong, it was because Indigo was one of the more common dyes.


Text By Munkao. This post was originally published October 31, 2019 on the A Thousand Thousand Islands Patreon.

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